Leak Detection Services In Charlottesville, VA

Leak Detection Services For Your Home Or Business

Speedy Rooter will locate any leaks within your plumbing system. Some are easy to find while others can be hiding behind walls, under concrete slabs, basements, and landscaping irrigation systems. The most leak detection service our customers need assistance with are underground leaks, concealed pipe leaks, water heaters and boiler leaks, sewer and waste pipes. Speedy Rooter’s team of professionals can get leak detection done for you in a very timely manner.

About Speedy Rooter

Danny Devlin founded Speedy Rooter Plumbing in 1996. The company is located in Charlottesville VA. This family owned and operated business will get the job done for you on the first try. Danny makes sure his well-trained staff of plumbers make every call a positive experience.

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Valued Protection

A way to keep peace of mind, and to head off leaks and other problems is to take advantage of our Valued Customer Protection Plan. The service provides annual inspection of your home’s plumbing system to make sure it is operating at its peak.

For water heaters we clean the burner assembly, check the thermostat settings, flush the tank, and make sure them heater is operating at its maximum. For kitchen faucets we check the kitchen faucet for leaks and corrosion. Stems will be greased along with cartridges and rubber seals for ease of operation. For toilets will will inspect it for leaks and correct plumbing action. The rest of the toilet fixture will be put in proper working order that will save you money when it comes to flushing.