Septic Tank Pumping Services In Charlottesville, VA

Septic Tank Cleaning and Health Maintenance

Whether you have a backed up septic tank or are simply due for a regular tank pumping, Speedy Rooter is a full-service plumbing company that pumps commercial and household septic tanks. Septic tanks are sewage tanks that were installed in homes and business that are not in direct connection with city sewer pipes. Because septic tanks fill up over time, it is recommended that they be pumped every 2-3 years to keep them clean, functioning, and sanitary.

Here at Speedy Rooter we insure that by servicing your septic system with us, it will be done with efficiency and the proper tools to ensure a clean and waste free septic tank. The following are tips to understand when owning a septic system:

Signs Of Septic Tank Problems

There are multiple signs that will indicate the need for septic service and that your tank is full and ready to be pumped. Backed up toilets and drains are a common sign of a full tank, as well as any foul and unpleasant aromas that accompany this. If the soil become soft around the tank area this may also be a warning sign that you need a pumping.

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Septic Maintenance Program

The need for a septic pumping should only occur every 2-3 years. Scheduling a regular pumping service is highly recommended because proper maintenance can help extend your leech field 20-50 years. The ultimate goal of proper septic pumping and control is to avoid unhealthy contaminates from being exposed to the surface and causing groundwater pollution. Overlooking this service may cause unwanted and high cost replacement repairs or even worse could cause severe health issues to surrounding residents.