Drain Field Restoration FAQs For
Charlottesville, VA Customers

How do you clean a drain field?

We start each drain field restoration in Charlottesville, VA by having the septic tank pumped and cleaned so our plumbers can know the condition of the tank and baffles. We then locate the drain field and hydro jet the lines. In many cases, this process is all you need to get the drain field working again. If the drain field is not accepting fluid after the cleaning, the Terralift procedure is recommended.

Is the Terralift a short-term fix?

Not at all! With proper care and upkeep of a septic system, it should last as long (if not longer) than it already has.

What is your guarantee?

We guarantee that the soils around the drain field lines will accept fluid for a period of one full year. If it slows down or stops within the year, we will redo the procedure or return your fee.

Is the Terralift procedure expensive?

Not when you compare it to the expensive and time-consuming installation of a new drain field. Terralift is light enough to be driven on the drain field and used immediately, even if the system is overflowing and covered with water. It takes just one day and you will be able to use your plumbing almost as soon as the operation is complete. It will not disturb your lawn and it can save you thousands of dollars!

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