About Speedy Rooter Plumbing in Charlottesville, VA

Daniel Devlin founded Speedy-Rooter Plumbing of Charlottesville, VA in 1996.

About UsAs a family owned and operated business serving North Carolina and central Virginia. Speedy-Rooter earned our reputation as a plumbing repair company that takes care of the problem on the first call.

Danny first became involved in the plumbing industry in 1984 in a small college town in southern California. He quickly found himself immersed in residential and commercial repair plumbing as well as remodel and construction plumbing.

The company he worked for was known as the company who could solve the problem that no one else could solve. Danny’s boss insisted that his plumbers think through the plumbing problems they encountered and get the jobs done right the first time. If they didn’t, they would go back out on the call-backs on their own time to take care of the customer’s concerns.

That early experience in Danny’s plumbing career colored his philosophy about service and repair plumbing. In 1988, a 600-bed hospital in Santa Barbara hired Danny to lead their crew of plumbers. There he honed his skills as a problem solver and gained a reputation for getting jobs done right the first time.

Danny believes it is important that he be intimately involved with the day-to-day activities of his plumbers. He knows that his satisfied customers have made Speedy-Rooter a success.

Danny insists that everyone who works for him be committed to excellence. His well-trained, clean, and courteous plumbers commit to making every plumbing call a positive experience for their customer. His wife, Therese, works as the office manager and is an active participant in the day to day operations from the office.