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Charlottesville, VA Sewer Camera Inspection

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Sewer Camera Inspections in Charlottesville, Virginia

Whether you’re a new business owner looking to launch a startup or an experienced entrepreneur searching for a spot to upgrade, there’s on thing for certain: it’s all about location. While the biggest concerns when looking for a new site may be foot traffic and city taxes, there is one thing often overlooked: the plumbing.

On the outside, your toilets and sinks may appear to be running fine. The pipes may not show any symptoms at all until the day your restaurant is overpowered by a staggering odor. Next thing you know, the bathrooms are backed up with sewage and the business you put so much effort into is at a halt.

Business owners go into excruciating detail about the prices on the menu, tiles on the floor, and location of the register, but plumbing often becomes a second thought. Before purchasing your business, having your sewers inspected is a necessity.

The Importance of Sewer Camera Inspections

Broken, severely clogged, aging, or root-infested sewer lines can cause a major sewage back-up in your business. If these sewer problems go undetected it can end up costing thousands of dollars in property damage and loss of valuable operating time for businesses, not to mention lost customers. Even aging pipes can become a valuable point in price negotiation.

What Causes Pipe Problems

Pipe problems are far more common than you may think. Below are typical issues you may find in a pipe inspection that could make you rethink your location:

  • Old Piping:

    If the pipes are older than 30 years, they are at risk for corroding, breaking, and causing clogs. If you are looking to stay in this location for the long haul, these pipes could become an issue.

  • Tree roots:

    Are the sidewalks of your business lined with trees? If so, you could be at risk for tree root infiltration. Small tree roots infiltrate the joints of pipes and begin to grow. You may not notice them for months or even years, until the pipe is completely clogged. If undetected, tree roots will cause your pipes to crack and burst.

  • Pipe dislocation:

    Expansive soils (like clay) can cause pipes to move and dislodge.

  • Obstructed pipe:

    Without an inspection, it is impossible to know how the prior owner treated the piping system. Grease buildup often happens about 25 feet into the sewage line, where the cool temperatures harden the grease to cause a blockage. Dirt, hair, or non-flushable items can also cause unpleasant pipe troubles.

How does it work?

At Speedy Rooter Plumbing, we use powerful camera equipment to see the problem first hand. Using a fiber optic cable we run our video camera into the pipe. We then stream the video onto a monitor and pinpoint the exact location and cause of any problems. With this information, we’ll provide the most cost-effective solution, or simply move on to the next location.

If you are looking at purchasing a new property in Charlottesville Virginia, don’t go in without all the information you need. Call us at Speedy Rooter Plumbing to learn more about our Sewer Camera Inspection.

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