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Charlottesville, VA Drain Cleaning

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The perception of plumbing relates to either minimal tasks (such as de-clogging a toilet or drain) or emergency calls for big-time fixes, such as septic water overflowing into the backyard.

Most people never ask, “What do plumbers do?” Plumbers do much more than just the standard maintenance calls for clogs and major repairs. Routine maintenance plays a huge role in getting your pipes to perform at their fullest potential, and one of these routine procedures is drain cleaning.

Drain Cleaning in Charlottesville, VA

At Speedy Rooter Plumbing, we remind our customers why it’s important to get your drains cleaned and how it can help you now and later.

Save Big Bucks

Sure, it might sound like a sales pitch when we say that getting more cleanings will save you money. But there’s a logical, real reason why you should tend to your pipes more than you probably do.

Cleaning your pipes extends the life of the pipes. Cleaning out the build-up helps open the pipes, allowing water, debris, and other items to pass through freely. Buildup can lead to corrosion which constricts more of the pipe and limits water flow. By spending the money now to get a routine drain cleaning, you are saving a huge expenditure in the future.

If you need to get your pipes replaced sooner than later, you are not getting the full use of the pipes and will continue to have issues as the system ages. Grime and build-up can cause rotting and breaking of the pipes, which will result in a repair or replacement instead of just a standard cleaning.


Inspections, cleanings, and major renovations can all be done by accessing the pipes internally. We can clean the pipes with minimal access by accessing from within. This eliminates the need to dig holes and ruin your property. All cleaning is done and finished without a trace of our services left behind.

There is never a right time get a drain cleaning, but there is a wrong time and that is when it’s too late. Don’t put off drain cleanings when it will extend the life of your pipes and save you an emergency call. Contact Speedy Rooter Plumbing today if you live in the Charlottesville area, and let us clean your drains to help you save money in the future.

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