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Effective Drain Field Restoration in Harrisonburg, VA

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Restore your septic system's ability to manage waste and fluids by making Speedy Rooter Plumbing your trusted partner for drain field rehabilitation in Harrisonburg, VA. It is a service we offer to restore normal drain field flow and function.

Drain field restoration in Harrisonburg, VA, is a process that involves cleaning the pipes that lead to your drain field so we can restore its normal flow. In some instances, there may be a need to create additional pathways in soil for materials to drain effectively, a technique known as the Terralift procedure.

Common Drain Field Issues and Its Causes

A drain field is part of your septic system. Its role is to help with the breakdown of biological and biodegradable materials. By taking care of this part of septic system operations, the drain field allows the rest of your system to function more efficiently without causing overflows. When there is drain field failure, we recommend solutions such as Terralift septic repair in Harrisonburg, VA.

The most obvious sign you need drain field restoration services in Harrisonburg, VA, is when there are foul odors where your septic system is located. This is usually an indication that something is clogged or not performing as expected. Other drain field issues you may notice include wet spots on the yard, and unusually green grass. You may also have a drain field that's overwhelmed, or the lines leading to it may become clogged with debris.

Methods of Restoration

There are two main drain field solutions that we often recommend and perform: hydro-jetting and the Terralift procedure. Hydro-jetting is done by using highly pressurized water to clear drain field lines. Terralift is done by using a long, narrow probe to pump air fissures or veins into the soil to create a new pathway for excess drain field wastewater.

The services of our professional drain field restoration company in Harrisonburg, VA, can be beneficial for the simple purpose of having a fully functioning septic system. Other benefits associated with professional restoration of your drain field include:

  • Avoiding the need for septic system replacement
  • A 95% success rate with the Terralift procedure
  • No need for costly landscape cleanup when work is done
  • Added peace of mind

Why Choose Us for Drain Field Restoration

Founded in 1996, we're a drain field restoration company that takes pride in doing a job right each and every time. Our service technicians are continuously trained to make sure that our clients have access to newer technologies. Our team also abides by a code of ethics that includes respect, integrity, and top-quality service.

After we restore your drain field, you're welcome to sign up for a service agreement we offer. For only $7.95 a month, you'll enjoy perks that include:

  • Priority service
  • A 15% discount on plumbing services
  • On-going safety inspections
  • No emergency fees

Give Our Team A Call Today

A sensible drain field restoration is what you can expect from Speedy Rooter Plumbing. Know when you choose us for this service or any other services we provide you'll be working with a company with clients that include Arby's, Target, Walgreens, and other national brands. Contact us today to make the most of our drain field restoration services.

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