Tree Root Invasion

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Tree Root Invasion

At Speedy Rooter, we assist Virginia residents with all of their sewer and drain needs. Our team is made up of industry experts that can solve your sewer and drain problems with speed and efficiency. At Speedy Rooter, you can always reach us by phone, email, or simply by coming into our office. We work hard to be available to our residential and commercial clients throughout the week which allow for you to get your sewer and drain problems taken care of properly.

What is Tree Root Invasion?

Charlottesville and its surrounding areas is heavily populated with trees which means that the customers we service at Speedy Rooter are more susceptible to tree root invasion within their sewer and drain pipes. Tree roots invade pipelines because they constantly seek moisture. Because pipes constantly have water moving through them, they provide a great deal of moisture which signals to tree roots that they should grow towards them. Pipes also oftentimes have small points of weakness, whether that’s an elbow joint, a pinhole leak, or it’s just poor construction or installation, pipes oftentimes have places that are more susceptible to being broken open by tree roots. While trees make up Virginia’s natural and beautiful landscape their roots expand, grow, and push towards more moisture, and roots are often twice the size of the tree itself.

Results of Tree Root Invasion

At Speedy Rooter, we understand that it can be hard to identify tree root invasion within your pipes because it occurs underground and out of site, which makes it easy to ignore or miss completely. There are several signs that home and business owners can look for if they are suspicious of tree root invasion within their sewer and drain system. These signs include slow flushing drains, flooding, and clogged drains. In addition tree root invasion can cause leaking, cracking foundation, sewer spillage, and waste exposure. It can be challenging to think of ways to solve these problems other than simply cutting down the invading tree, shrub, bush, or flowering bush, but thankfully your local experts at Speedy Rooter are always here to assist you.

Drain Cleaning to Remove Tree Roots

Tree root invasion can be taken care of in various ways and our team at Speedy Rooter is always ready to provide you with the best solution that meets your needs. Drain cleaning is less expensive than sewer repair and may fix the problem. Drain cleaning comes in two forms; snaking and hydro jetting. Snaking gets rid of most clogs composed of hair, sediments, scum, corrosion, erosion, fats, grease, and other buildup but it won’t rid you of a serious tree root invasion.

The best solution based on drain cleaning is hydro jetting. Hydro jetting utilizes highly pressurized water to blast-clean your pipes and clear them of debris such as tree roots. Hydro jetting can handle tree root invasions from minimal to serious in severity. Hydro jetting is eco-friendly and efficient, and can help prevent future tree root invasions, clogs, and blockages from forming in your pipes.

Sewer Repair Options for Invaded Pipelines

In the case that tree roots have completely invaded your pipes, our team will suggest sewer repair. Trenchless pipe repair technologies have allowed for this process to go smoothly with no excavation needed. Cured-in-place pipe lining utilizes an epoxy resin that cures over time to form a nearly impenetrable resin that tree roots cannot invade.

Overall, there are several ways to remove tree roots from your pipes and restore your drains with efficiency. Though they are serious, they are easily handled. Leave tree root invasions to the professionals. Speedy Rooter will start with an inspection, then handle the situation accordingly after consulting with you about your time, budget, and energy needs.

Call us our industry experts at Speedy Rooter for your tree root invasion removal service! We are standing by and eager to help you.

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