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Harrisonburg, VA Sewer Camera Inspection

Sewer Camera Inspections in Harrisonburg, Virginia

Maintaining the condition of your sewer lines is important to the health of your home. These sewer lines carry away the waste water and debris that could be hazardous to your health. If your sewer pipes begin to develop problems, this wastewater could leak into the ground in your yard or back into your home. Not only could this affect your wellbeing, but it could also cause extensive damage. That’s why Speedy Rooter is offering a camera inspection service to the Harrisonburg, Virginia area. It’s a quick and easy way to check on the condition of your pipes.

Why Do You Need Inspections?

Damage, clogs, and other problems with sewer pipes can be unavoidable in Harrisonburg. Corrosion from harsh chemicals or high water pressure can leave areas weakened and susceptible to leaks. Should these areas be allowed to continue to weaken, it could result in a burst pipe. This could leave your home in a state of tremendous water damage.
If you have trees on your property, their roots could infiltrate your pipelines in order to find a water source. These kinds of cracks can lead to high water bills, but they could also cause the pipe to break completely. These outcomes could require thousands of dollars in repairs.
Having a routine inspection performed, and using it as regular maintenance, can help prevent these disasters from happening. The precision of the inspection can help identify the problem is as they form, whether it be a crack or a clog. Then the technician can make the decision on the best course of action.

Sewer Camera Inspections Harrisonburg, VA

The inspection is performed without having to dig up portions of your yard or home. Instead, the equipment is inserted through an existing access point such as a clean out or sink. The waterproof camera is mounted on several feet of cable, which allows the camera to travel deep into the pipe. While inside, the video feed is sent back to a portable screen that the technician will have on hand. This allows them to identify the problems while on-site.
The high-definition of the camera gives it the ability to identify problems such as corrosion or the formation of a crack. Finding these problems at their beginning stages can help prevent major damage later on.
Sewer camera inspections can usually be completed in a short timeframe. This gives you the freedom to continue on with your day. But camera inspections are not only important for maintaining the health of your sewer pipes. They can also be scheduled if you are purchasing a new home. Having this performed before you buy can help you avoid any plumbing or sewer damage later on. Buying a home with these problems could add to the cost and prevent a smooth moving-in process. And, if something is found, it can also give you a negotiation tool.

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