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Harrisonburg, VA Trenchless Pipe Repair

Over time, your Harrisonburg, Virginia pipes can begin to rust or weaken. This can be caused by a number of factors. High water pressure or hard water can cause corrosion. Grease, soap, or debris can slowly begin to adhere onto the inside of the pipe, causing a clog to build up. Even invading tree roots can cause problems.

Scheduling regular maintenance, like sewer inspections, can help prevent these issues from escalating in an expensive problem; however, if a crack has already formed, or a portion of the pipe wall is weak, Speedy Rooter offers Harrisonburg businesses and residents a quick repair solution.

Trenchless Camera Inspection

Trenchless pipeline repair is an effective and efficient method that may take only twenty-four hours from start to finish. To initiate the process, the technician needs to perform an inspection. This allows them to find the specific damage and its location. The equipment consists of a portable screen, an HD video camera, and a bendable cable. The camera is waterproof and is mounted on the cable. This allows it to be inserted deeply into the desired pipe, and the video feed is sent directly to the portable screen. The technician can then access this footage while on-site to make a diagnosis.

Repairing the Damaged Pipeline

Once the problem is identified, the repair can begin. The pipe will need to be cleaned via hydro jetting. This creates a new and smooth surface. It also helps remove any possible clogs. Once the interior is scourged clean, then a specialized tube can be inserted. This tube has an internal bladder that allows it to be inflated. Its surface is coated with an epoxy resin, which will form the new patch. The tube is then inflated and it presses the resin against the pipe’s walls. It then needs twenty-four hours to cure into the new patch. After the resin has hardened, the sleeve can be removed. This patch not only fills in any leaks, but adds to the strength of the original pipe wall.

Trenchless Repair versus the Traditional Method

The traditional method required a large number of technicians, third-party staff, and many pieces of major equipment. In order to just reach the pipeline, large digging equipment would need to be contracted. This would require more people to have access to your property. Digging up the pipes would result in large, deep trenches in your land. Depending on the location of the pipe, this could disrupt your landscaping or even the interior of your home.

Thankfully, trenchless repair requires significantly less time and destruction than the old method. Instead of excavating portions of your yard, a small access point is created at one end of the affected pipe. This allows the technician to insert their equipment with minimal disruption to your home, whether inside or outside. Within a period of twenty-four hours the repair can be completed, leaving you free to continue on with your day.

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