Clogged Toilets

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Clogged toilets can seem like they’re just a small inconvenience. Sometimes a plumber can be just the remedy to dislodge the small clog that is keeping your toilet from flushing. However, a clogged toilet can be a sign of a bigger problem. Call Speedy Rooter for professional and courteous services including clogged toilet mediation and repair, plumbing inspections, and repair services.

Why is my toilet clogged?

There are several factors that impact the functionality and overall productivity of your plumbing. This can include good condition, proper pipe structure, and having inspections and necessary repairs done regularly. Though this isn’t the kind of maintenance a home or business owner wants to think about, it’s something to take into consideration.

If your toilet is clogged, it could be as a result of a clog farther down the line. When a clog forms, it can form from fats, greases, and foods from the kitchen. Waste and hair from the bathroom, or even pet hair, rust, and corrosioncan lead to clogs deep in your pipes. Plumbing systems are relatively delicate in that it requires the proper maintenance of all parts to ensure the entire system runs smoothly.

How to Prevent a Clogged Toilet

The first thing we will do in order to repair your clogged toilet is inspect what’s going on inside your pipes. We’ll shut off the main water line and ensure that everything is empty before going in with a sewer camera inspection. This camera is HD and waterproof, and provides a live feed of information back on a handheld device. This live feedback of information is crucial. Not only is it in real time, but it shows us the exact issue going on inside your pipes.

If your pipe is simply clogged, we’ll offer snaking or hydro jetting services to clear your pipes of debris. This debris can include fats, grease, hair, scum, sediment buildup, rust, corrosion, small tree root invasions, and a variety of other factors that can impede upon your plumbing’s overall health.

If the pipe is actually damaged, we’re happy to either repair the pipe using our unique lining technology or replace the section of pipe entirely using underground pipe bursting. No matter the problem, we have a variety of services to address the issue.

No matter what process you go for, no matter what your pipes need, Speedy Rooter is here for you. With years of experience, the right equipment and tools, and professional and courteous staff, you never have to hesitate to call us about your clogged toilet. We’re more than happy to come out and inspect your pipes, ensuring there’s nothing wrong. If the clogged toilet event is a one-time situation, perhaps some waste just got lodged in a joint in the pipe. However, if this frequently occurs, give us a call and we’ll give your pipes a thorough inspection and alert you to any issues.

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