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Underground sewer lines do not immediately tell you there is something wrong. Since the lines are underground, you often do not see any issues until they become major problems.  In Charlottesville, Virginia you can turn to us–Speedy Rooter, for all your plumbing concerns.

What Can Your Underground Pipes Be Telling You?

If your sinks are draining slowly and there is a mushy, smelly spot in your yard where the sewer line runs out to the main line under the street, you could have a serious problem. Cracks and leaks can develop in sewer lines that are old, made from certain materials or if there has been some erosion around the area that the pipe is buried in. The best way to know for sure is to call us and we will send a crew of professional plumbers to your home to inspect the situation.

How We Inspect Something Buried Underground

We use trenchless technologies to fix and repair damaged pipes. Trenchless means we won’t dig up the pipe to check or replace it. We only dig one or two small holes to reach the pipe connection locations. We then insert a small camera to inspect your underground pipe.

With this kind of visual access, we can determine the condition of the pipe and what the problem is that is affecting your sewer system. Through the closed-circuit video camera system, we can make an accurate assessment on what to do to repair the damage.

Trenchless Pipe Lining Service in Charlottesville, Virginia

If the pipe happens to have a crack or leak in it, we will install a new pipe lining to fix the problem. We do this by sending an epoxy-coated fabric sleeve down the pipe. Once it is fully extended we will cure it in place with steam or hot water. The finished product is a brand-new liner inside a host pipe. The liner will last decades and the host pipe helps to keep it in place. It’s all done without digging large trenches in your yard to get at the pipe.

For More Information

What makes this trenchless repair even more amazing is that it can be completed within a day, and it will cost you less than a traditional dig and sewer pipe repair. Often, we do not have to turn off your water service when we make these kinds of repairs stopping any major disruption to the regular functioning of your home. For more information or to book your appointment contact us at Speedy Rooter via email or call us directly at 434-218-7776.

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