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Staunton, VA Sewer Camera Inspection

Sewer Camera Inspection Staunton, Virginia

Until a few years ago, when the plumbing went wrong in a commercial or residential property, there was a chance the people living, or working there would have their lives or business seriously disrupted.
A plumber would come onto the premises and have to dig up the interior floors, the yard, and even the driveway to locate and replace the malfunctioning sewer pipe. This resulted in a lot of time and money spent looking for, digging up and replacing a damaged pipe, which at times might’ve just had a small crack or a blockage that could have been cleared or plugged very quickly, and at low cost.
However, times have changed and technology has made it possible to inspect and rehabilitate underground pipes with minimal disruption to the property and lives of people living there. At Speedy Rooter, finding and fixing leaks in your plumbing is a quick, easy job because we use HD cameras to examine the inside of your pipes and locate the problem.

Sewer Pipe Inspection

We have a team skilled in pipe camera inspection. We own and operate our own equipment, which means we do not have to rent the equipment from third parties or hire extra people to operate it. This helps us in keeping the cost of our work lower than our competitors. When we receive a call from a client, we respond promptly, sending in a team of our experts to diagnose the problem and find out what it stems from.
Our team will first locate the start point of the drain system and send in a high-resolution video camera mounted on a flexible tube. The technicians above ground guide the tube so the camera can move through the pipes and transmit a live feed to a monitor above the ground.
In the case of a sewer backing up, the live feed shows the condition inside of the drains to the technician, who can tell if the problem is arising from a narrowing of the pipe due to sludge, dirt, and rust lining the pipe, or if there is a blockage caused by a root ball or a lump of domestic waste.
However, if the problem is related to seepage from the line, we can detect the source of it with the help of the pipe camera inspection. Whether there are cracks, holes or gaps in the joints of pipes, we’ll find the source, and have the right equipment to fix it. Overall, this a very easy, quick and non-disruptive method of sewer inspection, and it helps in pinpointing the exact location of the fault so a small hole can be dug close to it, helping keep the premises intact and costs low.
Sewer camera inspection is a good idea when purchasing or renting property so there are no surprises waiting once you have moved in, especially since many insurance companies do not cover plumbing between the house and the municipal sewers.

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