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Drain Field Restoration in Charlottesville, VA, and the Nearby Areas

There can be a variety of causes for drain issues. From root invasion to pipe erosion to clogs, if you’re experiencing problems with your drain it can be hard to figure out what the cause is – let alone treat it on your own. At Speedy Rooter Plumbing, we perform thorough diagnostics then use one of our proven methods to address drain and pipeline issues These include rooter service, trenchless line replacement, and drain cleaning. But which of these services might fix your problem, and what can you expect to pay for them?

Rooter Service

Rooter service was initially designed to clear out tree root invasion in underground pipes. Today, its functionality has expanded to include removal of all clogs, whether root-related or otherwise, and sometimes even pipe repair. There are a few methods our professionals use to perform a rooter service, depending on the nature of the clog. These include:

  • Snakes, which are long, bendable cables, are sometimes inserted into the pipe to break up blockages in the line
  • Hydro jetting, which involves using a strong stream of clean water to break clogs loose
  • Chemical root killer, which in the case of a tree root invasion, is pumped into the pipe to kill any roots that may be in the line and make them movable

How to Tell If You Need Rooter Service

Water backup and slow drains are the best indicators that rooter service may be needed. If there is a blockage in a smaller, localized line the drain issue will only impact the appliance nearest to that clog while larger blockages near the sewer entrance will cause pooling or backing up throughout the building’s appliances and drains. Whichever issue you’re experiencing, it’s best to call a rooting professional rather than rely on quick fixes like chemical clog removers. Those chemicals can contribute to pipeline corrosion and more expensive problems in the future.

Cost of Drain Cleaning

We’ve covered the cost and methods of a simple clog removal, but what about an in-depth drain cleaning? If your lines are suffering from multiple clogs or buildup in the pipe, a comprehensive drain cleaning may be necessary. A highly efficient and environmentally-friendly method for drain cleaning is called hydro jetting. This involves creating a small hole as an entrance point, feeding a nozzle into the pipeline, and blasting clean water through the pipe effectively dislodging any blockages and clearing off buildup. Our high-powered, multidirectional nozzle shoots water through the line at 3,500 PSI leaving your pipes thoroughly cleaned without the use of corrosive chemicals.

Do You Need a Drain Cleaning?

The symptoms of larger drain issues are very similar to those of a clog – your drains move slowly, there’s backup, or you experience pooling. If these problems are persistent, it may be time to consider a thorough cleaning of your lines. Buildup and partial clogs make it all too easy for your pipelines to become blocked again and again, so if you feel like you’re needing to clear out your drain frequently it may be time to consider the larger issues that could be contributing.

Trenchless Line Replacement

As they age, water lines become more susceptible to damage. Repeated heating and cooling, house or ground shifts, and mineral buildup can all seriously impact the integrity of your pipes over time. If the entirety of a pipeline or a large section of it is worn beyond repair, a replacement may be necessary. Many people think of torn-up floors and costly landscaping when they think of pipe replacement, but with trenchless technology, your yard and flooring can remain intact even as your new pipelines are installed.

To replace a pipe without digging a trench, small holes are made at the beginning and the end of where the pipeline runs. We then feed through a tool, which bursts apart the old pipe and leaves an opening the same size or larger for the new line’s placement. The new pipe slides in behind it, where it is eventually connected to the rest of the surrounding lines.

Is it Time to Replace Your Pipes?

If your home or building is older, in all likelihood its pipes have been impacted by natural wear and tear. The pipes used in the past were often made of copper or iron which are particularly susceptible to scale buildup and deterioration, increasing this likelihood even more. Modern pipes are often made of PVC, which is much hardier and tends to last for decades without experiencing major breakdown. Consistent draining issues, pooling, and pipeline odors are all good indicators that your pipes need to be examined. At Speedy Rooter Plumbers, we use trenchless technology to analyze your pipes thoroughly and proceed with a plan of action once the precise problem has been identified.

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If you’re experiencing drain or pipeline issues, don’t wait. A small blockage or bit of compromised pipe can easily become a much larger – and more expensive – issue. Our professionals are highly trained in trenchless pipeline methods, so we can take care of your problem without taking too much of your time or strongly impacting your daily life. We are licensed, bonded, and insured and have a long list of satisfied customers throughout Charlotteville, VA, and nearby areas. Call the pros at Speedy Rooter Plumbing for a quote today.