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Drain Backup

Drains backing up can be a big deal for any homeowner, business owner, or property manager. If left unaddressed, drains that continue to seep fluid outwards will lead to extensive property damage that could have been easily prevented. That’s why Speedy Rooter is here for you with a variety of products and services to help you in the case of a drain backup.

Emergency Services

Emergency services are an essential part of being a homeowner, business owner, or property manager. When plumbing problems suddenly come up, you need a professional plumbing team that can handle the issue as soon as possible.

Here at Speedy Rooter, we’re fully equipped to handle a variety of on-site emergencies, including drain backups and other complications. We work quickly and efficiently in order to resolve any issues you’re experiencing. Our services include hydro jetting, drain cleaning, scum removal, inspections, and repairs. When arriving to a location with backed up drains, we can also perform a camera inspection to make sure that everything in your system looks fine.

We never hesitate to tackle a tough project, which is why we never shy away from drain backups. A variety of things can cause a drain to become clogged or dysfunctional, including scum and sediment buildup, rust, corrosion, old age, or even poor initial construction. We’re equipped to handle and mediate any of these issues using top-notch trenchless technologies with only the finest equipment. All of our plumbing technicians are professionally trained and happy to assist you with whatever you have going on with your plumbing. Whether it’s a blocked drain or a simple clog, we’re here for you.

Drain Backup Solutions

There are a few different things we can to do get a full scope on the drain backup and to resolve it. If the drain backup is caused by a clog, we can easily mediate and remove the clog by simply drain cleaning your pipes. We can do this with either a descaling device or with hydro jetting. Hydro jetting uses highly pressurized water in order to clean and clear your pipes, restoring them to a like-new condition and exposing any other issues such as leaks, fractures, or weak joints. All of these can also add to a potential drain backup.

If your drain backup is serious and has resulted in damaged property including a leaking pipe, fractured pipe, burst pipe, or broken joint, we are happy to assist in that department, as well. We offer both trenchless pipe lining and trenchless pipe bursting. For a pipe that’s not in severe damage but needs to be repaired, we use trenchless pipe lining to repair your pipe and restore it to new condition. If your pipe is severely damaged due to the backup in your drains, we will offer you pipe bursting to remove the old pipe and seamlessly install a new one.

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