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We are a family owned and operated business that prides ourselves on getting the job done quickly and effectively the first time we receive a customer call. We offer both commercial and residential water line repair and sewer and drain line repair. We can repair the most basic of plumbing issues, like a simple leak under the sink, or more serious emergency issues that require immediate attention.

Drain Field Restoration

We can ensure the full functionality of your drain field and entire septic system. When you suspect that water can no longer drain through the soil, avoid further issues that can lead to the complete failure of your leach or drain field. Speedy Rooter provides drain field restoration in Harrisonburg, VA. We also specialize in the Terralift procedure, so be sure to consult our team first.

Trenchless Pipe Lining

One noninvasive and environmentally friendly method we recommend when dealing with a damaged pipe is trenchless pipe lining in Harrisonburg, VA. In this method, we insert an epoxy-saturated liner into the damaged pipe. This felt liner is left to harden in place, allowing it to create a new pipe inside the current one without leaving you with the mess or any extensive downtime commonly associated with traditional pipe repair procedures.

Commercial & Residential Water Line Repair In Harrisonburg

Unfortunately, water lines can deteriorate and malfunction over 5-10 years of service. Speedy Rooter has the latest tools and knowledge to repair leaks and other water line failures without causing any damage to the area around the repair site. In the majority of cases, you will be able to continue with your normal agenda without any interruption.
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Commercial & Residential Sewer and Drain Line Repair

We get it: landscaping is expensive, and no one wants to have to pay for it twice (once for the initial install, again after plumbers have destroyed it by digging trenches everywhere). Speedy-Rooter is one of the only plumbing companies in the Harrisonburg, Va area that has the expertise and tools available to repair a broken drain line or sewer pipe without the destruction of your landscaping.
We are fully capable of repairing sewer and drain lines or installing them under beautifully developed trees, driveways, and all types of landscapes without having to dig ugly trenches.
We have hundreds of satisfied customers that have witnessed our ability to get the job done with consideration and respect for your property. Contact us today!