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Sewer Line Repair in Harrisonburg, Virginia

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Speedy Rooter offers the Harrisonburg, Virginia area a wide selection of state-of-the-art sewer repair services for repairing your sewer pipes. These new, trenchless sewer repair methods require less time, less work, and they even cost less than the old method. And these repairs come with the benefits of being far more precise.

How Do We Do It?

This is all possible because of the new technology and equipment that Speedy Rooter offers, which lets us service your pipes without digging and using often pre-existing access points. In order to prepare for the sewer line repair in Harrisonburg, VA, the technician must first complete an inspection. These inspections allow the technicians to identify the specific problem and then they can adjust the repair to address what they find or even offer sewer line replacement. First, they will need to feed a waterproof camera into the desired pipe. This can usually be done through an existing access point, such as a toilet. The camera is able to pick up even small cracks because of its high-definition capabilities.


After the inspection, the sewer pipe will sometimes require a cleaning. This helps provide a smooth surface for the repair, but it has a second benefit of removing any clogs or build-up. The cleaning process is called hydro jetting, and it uses highly pressurized water to blast away any foreign objects or substances in your pipes. Having this performed as part of the repair is an extra benefit of the Speedy Rooter services as it can lower the chance of another blockage growing in your pipe.

Sewer Repair Harrisonburg, VA

Once both the inspection and the hydro jetting have concluded, the technician can move on with the repair or replace sewer line. Often, we use a process called pipe lining and it acts as a patch over the affected area. In order to access the pipe, the technician will either have to dig a small access point or use an existing one. Then a tube can be inserted. This tube has an internal bladder that allows it to be inflated and the outside is covered with an epoxy resin that will form the patch. Once the tube is positioned correctly, it is inflated and the resin is forced against the pipe wall. This creates a smooth, even, and airtight bond.
For the epoxy resin to form the patch, it needs roughly twenty-four hours to cure and harden, unless you use heat to speed the curing process which will shorten it to about an hour. Once it is cured, the tube can be removed and the pipe is ready for use. This patch is a waterproof barrier between the wastewater and the damaged area. It even adds to the strength of the pipe.
Best of all, the sewer pipe line repair process may not take more than a day. The traditional method could require days or weeks at a time for the repair to be completed, which would only add to your expenses. You’d also be left with wide and deep trenches, whereas the Speedy Rooter method only requires a small hole that can easily be refilled.

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