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Hiring a plumber in Charlottesville, VA from Speedy Rooter Plumbing means you’ll have access to newer technologies and cost-effective solutions. An example of this is the Nu Flow system. Here’s what you need to know about Nu Flow technology and the many benefits it offers.

What It Is

Nu Flow technology streamlines the process for sewer line repair in Charlottesville, VA and makes it more versatile and applicable. The patented Nu Flow trenchless lining system has a custom-made, inflatable bladder. It’s designed in a way that creates a smooth, joint-free internal pipe surface.

How It Works

The sewer pipe line repair process with Nu Flow is fast, efficient, and straightforward from start to finish. It can be broken down into three simple steps:

  1. Pipe cleaning: The target pipe is cleaned first. This is often done with highly pressurized water to remove debris, tree roots, and other pipe intrusions.
  2. Liner insertion: The Nu Flow liner is put into place and inflated. The epoxy-saturated felt liner is then left to cure, or harden.
  3. Liner removal: The bladder is deflated and removed once the coating has hardened. You’ll be left with a flaw-free, like-new internal pipe surface!

Benefits of Nu Flow Technology

The main benefit of the Nu Flow system is eliminating the need for full sewer line replacement. Nu Flow’s lining method is also unique in that it allows for liner insertion at 45 or 90 degree angles. It can also be used on specific pipe sections if the entire pipe doesn’t need to be coated. Plus, the liner can still be inserted even if there’s only access to one side.

Thanks to Nu Flow technology that’s available from Speedy Rooter Plumbing, you may be able to avoid the need to fully replace sewer line. Get in touch with our team and we’ll look at your underground pipes and let you know if Nu Flow is the most suitable solution.

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