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One of the major causes of residential and commercial drain pipes and sewer line blockages are sludge, debris, sand, and grease. As you can imagine, cleaning a dirty pipe can become a headache. Faced with this problem, most people will run to the store and get one of those off the counter drain cleaning products. The problem is that these solvents are toxic and can damage your pipes.

So are there any other options?

A Better Way to Clean Your Pipes

High-Pressure Water Jetting, also known as a water jet or a water blaster, is an innovative and effective way of cleaning and removing debris, grease, food particles, and lots more from sewer line and drain pipes. Water jetting can also be used in cleaning large buildings, driveway, house, patio, cars, and so forth.

Some of the things you can expect from our high-pressure water jetting service include:

Flushing Out the System

Our high-pressure water jetting service sends in streams of water under high intensity and pressure. This will help flush out any clog in your drain pipes and sewer lines. At the end of the day, you are left with a straight through system with any form of clog completely flushed out.

Cutting Out Hardened Scale

Another reason for sewer and drain pipe issue is hardened scale. It prevents the flow of sewer or wastewater. Our high-pressure hydro jetting service will help cut out any hardened scale in your sewer line and drain pipes.

Pulverizing Roots

These drains are laid underneath the ground and tree roots will likely find their way into the piping system. They end up compromising the integrity of your drain pipes. When they penetrate your drains, they will cause cracks and blockages. At the end of the day, your piping system becomes broken. Our water-jetting service will crush the roots and remove them from your drains.

Breaking up Debris and Sludge

Blocks and clogs remain a major plumbing issue. Debris, sludge, food particles, hair, etc., can block drains. Our high-pressure hydro jetting service will help break up and remove any debris and sludge blocking the flow of wastewater in your drains and sewer lines.

Emulsifying and Penetrating Grease

Most individuals are in the habit of flushing grease from cooking and skin or facial care products into the drain. When this happens, grease can solidify, causing grease build up along the walls of the drains and sewer line. After some time, your drain and sewer become clogged. Our hydro jetting service will emulsify and penetrate the grease blocking your drains.

Get Exceptional High-Pressure Water Jetting Service

Speedy Rooter, our well-trained team of drain pipes and sewer line cleaning experts will use a high-pressure water-jetter to remove grease buildup, mineral deposits, sludge, food particles, and debris that accumulate in your drains. Call us and get your dirty old pipes cleaned up in no time!

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