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Pumping a backyard home septic tank

Maintaining your septic tank is important to keeping your home functioning properly. If not properly maintained, your septic system can lead to costly repairs and health risks. To ensure that your septic system runs smoothly, here are some expert tips from Speedy Rooter Plumbing, a trusted drain field restoration company, for maintaining your septic tank:

1. Have Your Septic Tank Regularly Inspected

Having your septic tank professionally inspected and pumped every few years is key to helping it run efficiently. An inspection will help identify potential problems, like a need for a Terralift septic repair, before it becomes a more serious issue, allowing you to take preventative measures rather than reactive ones.

2. Be Mindful Of What You Put Down Your Drains

Anything that isn’t biodegradable should not be put down your drains. This includes items like paper towels, tampons, plastics, and grease. These products can clog or damage the pipes in your septic system. Following good drain habits will help you to avoid clogs and the need for drain field restoration in Charlottesville, VA.

3. Protect Your Drain Field

The drain field is the portion of your septic system that filters out contaminants from the wastewater. To protect it, you should schedule regular drain field restoration services and avoid driving or parking over it, as this can cause compaction and damage to the pipes. Additionally, you should keep trees or shrubs away from the drain field, as their roots can penetrate and damage the pipes.

4. Use Septic-Safe Cleaning Products

Many common household cleaning products contain chemicals that can harm your septic system. To avoid damaging it, opt for septic-safe cleaning products instead. These are specially formulated to be safe for use in a septic system and won’t harm its efficiency or function.

5. Conserve Water

Excessive water usage can be hard on your septic system. To help conserve water, you can install low-flow fixtures and take shorter showers. Additionally, you should avoid running multiple appliances at once to reduce the amount of wastewater entering your septic tank.

Following these expert tips ensures that your septic system will remain in good working order for years to come. Additionally, if you ever have any questions or concerns about your septic system, you should always consult Speedy Rooter Plumbing. We offer quality drain field rehabilitation and septic tank services. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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