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Trenchless pipe lining in Crozet, VA is an excellent and efficient alternative to traditional methods of sewer repair. Since there is no excavation involved in its repair process, pipe lining can often be completed within the day, but several factors can affect how long it actually takes. If you are interested in this method of repair and would like to know how much time you need to set aside for the procedure, Speedy Rooter Plumbing explains more below: 

Inspecting the Sewer Line

The first task to be done when preparing for a sewer pipe lining is to conduct a thorough inspection. This is usually to identify areas where the pipes are completely damaged and determine the proper care required during the installation process.

Cleaning The Sewer Pipes

After an inspection, our plumbers will thoroughly clean the affected area to get rid of any debris or clogs that can delay the pipe lining process. We also get rid of any tree roots that have made their way into your pipes to ensure that the repairs last longer. 

Starting the Pipe Lining Process

CIPP pipe lining takes several hours to be completed. During this process, a new coating will be applied on the interior of the damaged pipes. This is done by inserting a resin-filled liner into your pipes. This is then left to cure and harden. When done, the pipes will be good as new.

Final Inspection

An inspection is essential after the completion of the pipe lining process. The assessment ensures that the previously damaged pipes have been completely repaired. If not, other necessary repairs must be done to achieve a desirable outcome.

Determining how long the entire process will take will depend on the stages mentioned above. To learn more about sewer pipe lining, cast iron pipe lining, and other trenchless solutions we offer, schedule an appointment with Speedy Rooter Plumbing today.

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