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In Roanoke, detecting a leak before it becomes a larger issue can be highly beneficial. A variety of pipes, lines, and plumbing system parts can be damaged due to just a small leak. It can be challenging for home or business owners to detect the leaks on their own; some leaks are behind walls, under concrete, in the basement, or around landscaping that cannot afford to be damaged. That is why our years of experience in the industry has allowed us to accurately locate and diagnose frustrating leaks in Roanoke, Virginia.

Our Leak Detection Services

Leak detection can potentially save you thousands of dollars in future repairs, replacements, and installations. With leak detection, you can easily find leaks and potential weak points before they become increasingly problematic.
Many of our customers note that an initial leak wasn’t too concerning. However, a leak can easily become a fracture, which can expose your yard, property, or other infrastructure to sewage, waste, and other materials. This puts you, your loved ones, or clients at risk for illness, health complications, and other issues that may increase the total cost of addressing a leaking plumbing system. It is easy to avoid these issues by simply having a leak detection service conducted by your local, professional, and friendly family-owned plumbing company, Speedy Rooter.
Some things that can cause your pipes to become prone to leaks include corrosion, erosion, tree root invasions, rusting, and internal weaknesses like clogs and buildups. Buildups can occur due to waste, sediments, scum, or things like kitchen grease or foods. For the sake of your plumbing system, it is important to keep your pipes clean and clear. It is easy to keep your plumbing safe by scheduling regular, yearly inspections as preventative maintenance.
Leak detection services in Roanoke are quick and easy to complete. They are not expensive, nor do they require a lot of time to complete. Additionally, it is a good idea to have inspections conducted yearly in anticipation of the changing seasons. This is especially true when preparing for the winter season. Consequently, leak detection services can greatly help you prepare for winter and summer by ensuring their functionality before any additional stress is placed on them due to weather.
On top of preventative maintenance and winter preparedness, leak detection services can help you keep your home or business safe. Speedy Rooter is happy to do leak detection services on a variety of products, including, but not limited to:

  • Underground pipes
  • Concealed pipes within building infrastructure
  • Water heaters and boilers
  • Sewer and waste leaks
  • Kitchen faucets
  • Toilet leaks

We provide a full service workup and leak detection inspection, thereby guaranteeing that your plumbing in Roanoke is working smoothly and efficiently.
Speedy Rooter has been family owned and operated in the state of Virginia since 1996. We offer a variety of solutions and services to both residential and commercial services with extensive experience and professionalism. If you think that you may have a leak in Roanoke, or you simply wish to have an inspection performed for piece of mind, contact us immediately before your repair causes any more damage to your property.

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