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A damaged sewer line requires immediate repairs done by a professional plumber in Charlottesville, VA. That said, a damaged sewer line isn’t easy to spot, especially by an untrained homeowner. If you observe the following signs, Speedy Rooter Plumbing recommends calling an expert right away. 

Sewer Gas Odor

One of the first and most obvious signs of a damaged sewer line is the presence of sewer gas in the local area. If you notice a smell that has been around for more than a few days, it is important for you to get a sewer line repair in Charlottesville, VA done right away.

Slow Drainage

Another issue that you may notice in the event of a damaged sewer line is a slow drain. Though it may be an indicator of blockage in a toilet, shower or sink, it is also a symptom of larger damage to your pipes. Pay attention to other symptoms to see if you need trenchless sewer repair in Charlottesville, VA.

Backups and Clogs

While a normal clog is nothing to worry about, if you are experiencing frequent backups and clogs, we may need to replace sewer line in Charlottesville VA. Like with slow drainage, this type of damage is largely contextual, but it can be a sure sign of issues to watch out for.

A Lush Lawn

Sometimes a spill or leak outdoors will manifest in the form of more lush growth. Inspect your lawn to see if there are any lush or damp spots that could signal a leak in your sewer line. Call a professional for sewer pipe line repair in Charlottesville, VA to resolve the problem before it causes further damage.

When you need to have a sewer line replacement in Charlottesville, VA that you can count on, contact Speedy Rooter Plumbing. We make it easy for every client to get the help they need, no matter the extent of the damage or the specifics of your home’s plumbing system.

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