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Underground leaks can be hard to detect since they only start showing once they have caused significant damage. Catch underground leaks in their early stages by working with a leak detection specialist in Harrisonburg, VA like Speedy Rooter Plumbing. Let us know if you are experiencing any of the following signs.

Decrease in Water Pressure

If you notice that your water pressure has suddenly dropped, it could be the result of water leaking from the pipes before it reaches your home. Our leak detection services in Harrisonburg, VA can find that leak and make repairs before your water flow completely stops.

Pooling Water

One of the biggest indications of an underground leak will be pools of water forming on the lawn. You definitely need a plumber in Harrisonburg, VA if you keep finding puddles and wet spots on your property without any rain causing the problem.

Unpleasant Odor

In addition to pooling water, you may notice a foul odor around these wet spots. This is caused by sewer gasses that are escaping through the leak. Water leak detection in Harrisonburg, VA can pinpoint the exact cause of this unpleasant scent and perform the necessary repairs.

Elevated Water Bill

Leak detection in Harrisonburg, VA is a must if you notice spikes in your water bill. Higher water bills can be expected during summer, but if your water bills are getting higher even though you are not using any more water than you normally do, you may have a leak. Let us help find and fix that leak before it costs you a fortune in extremely high utility bills each month.

Contact us now if you notice any of these signs that indicate an underground leak. Speedy Rooter Plumbing’s underground leak detection in Harrisonburg, VA can locate and fix your leak quickly and efficiently.

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