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Septic drain fields or leach fields last for about twenty years. This depends on the quality of pipe installation and the choice of the soil because leach fields receive not only the effluent which comes out of your septic tank, but it also needs to endure the torture of the environment and the weather.

There are plenty sanitary and safety reasons you should put maximum effort into building and maintaining your drain field.

Speedy Rooter Plumbing

Traditional solutions for maintaining your septic systems are expensive and they take up much of your time. They meant lawn and yard excavation, which was, even more, mess and time spent putting everything back after.

We offer the latest in service convenience and technology. The value of your time and property is a priority for us, and this is why Speedy Rooter offers the residents of Charlottesville, VA drain field cleaning and restoration services which do not require excavation.

You can always have a reliable plumbing company right there when you need them. We offer our clients a membership for only $ 7.95 a month. This includes priority service, a 15% discount on all plumbing services, on-going safety inspections, and no emergency fees.

Drain Field Restoration

What should you pay attention to if you suspect your drain field is fouled? We recommend that you do nothing on your own if you do not have expertise in this matter. If you are enjoying the benefits of our Speedy Rooter service agreement, you can call us and schedule a checkup at once, but even if you are not, we will help!

We begin the process of drain field restoration by pumping out your septic tank so we can see the exact conditions of the tank and baffles. After that we Hydro-Jet your drain field lines, meaning we unclog them.

If this standard procedure is not enough to help you, we recommend the Terralift procedure.

The Terralift Procedure

The terralift procedure is a long-term solution for fixing your fouled drain field. It doesn’t require excavation or replacement of any kind, making it the ideal rejuvenation method.

We use a long, narrow probe along with a pneumatic hammer. Depending on the depth of your drain field, we penetrate the soil for up to six feet and then use a high-pressure compressor to introduce air into the soil.

After that, we inject polystyrene in the aerated soil, which will maintain the passages for percolation of liquid. These pellets ensure the proper air and water flow, and we repeat the same operation every four feet.

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