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Most homeowners overlook the value of their sewer or drain systems until they experience problems and need to hire a plumber in Ruckersville, VA. Your pipeline system deals with wastewater and debris such as hair strands, food particles, oils, detergents, and so forth. With time you can expect such waste to accumulate and cause drain clogs.

When not dealt with right away, clogs can lead to more complex pipe problems such as drain backups. Drain backups can have unpleasant effects on your home, like sewage water flowing into your home. Speedy Rooter Plumbing, trusted drain cleaning company, discusses some of the most common causes of drain backups. 

1.  Bathroom Backups

When cleaning up, your hair strands can often fall off and flow into your drains. When the hair mixes up with soap scum or other substances, they glue together over time, creating clogs. Investing in drain guards to trap loose hair and scheduling regular drain cleaning in Ruckersville, VA can help prevent clogs from forming. 

Soap is also another cause for drain clogs, and this is because laundry bar soaps contain fat substances. When greasy substances mix with naturally occurring water minerals, soap scum forms. Over time the soap scum builds up and leads to a clogged drain. Washing off loads of dirt or mud in your bathroom can also lead to blockages that will lead to draining clogs.

2.  Kitchen Backups

Your kitchen is another area where drain clogs and drain backups often happen. Draining away leftover food or greasy substances can cause drain clogs and slow drainage in the long run. Schedule professional drain snaking services to keep your kitchen drains clean and clog-free.

3.  Environmental Factors

Tree roots can make their way into your sewer pipes in search of moisture. With time the roots wrap around your pipe or force their way into the line causing blockages. The blockages accumulate debris and lead to clogs that cause backups. If you suspect that you have a drain backup caused by tree root invasion, consider calling your local plumber for professional hydro jetting.

Contact Speedy Rooter Plumbing for reliable drain cleaning services. Drain clogs are one of the main reasons behind drain backups. As such, it is vital to watch out for your cleaning habits and avoid draining debris down your drains. Call us or fill out the form to schedule an appointment.

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