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Septic tank care directly correlates with the health of a homeowner, and the health of the surrounding environment. Seasonal hazardous waste care routines are necessary in order to protect terrain conditions to facilitate healthy flora, fauna, and access to drinkable water. Moreover, if you don’t have your septic tank pumped regularly, then it may begin to overflow and compromise your surrounding landscaping. If you own a septic tank, it should be pumped as frequent as every 2-4 years and cleaned.

1. Reduce Odors with Regular Septic Pumps

Septic tanks hold old sewage and drain runoff. The more frequently you take the time to pump your tank, the more old sewage is transferred to a safe location for disposal. If you notice a smell coming from your septic tank, call a technician to schedule a sump pump. If you notice that your septic tank smells after minimal use, take some time to avoid habits, like washing grease down the sink. This could disrupt the breakdown of your sewage, and cause your tank to smell badly faster than usual.

2. Septic Tank Cleaning

Pumping your septic tank provides technicians with an opportunity to clean the tank. Gunk and buildup in unpumped tanks causes perfect conditions for clogs and future plumbing disruptions. Regularly pumping your septic tank will ensure that plumbing disruptions in the future are minimal, and that you spend less time and money dealing with problems that are easily prevented with regular maintenance.

3. Reducing Harmful Gasses

Never check or enter your septic tanks without the help of a technician. Septic tanks that sit for more than a few years can emit harmful gasses that can cause fatal harm. The more often you pump your septic tank, the less gas buildup in the chamber occurs. Septic pumps secure the area to be less dangerous the more frequent they are employed, so be sure to know when you last had your pump and inform your technician beforehand.

4. Home Health

A septic tank that has been sitting for a long time risks the possibility of overflowing, backing up, or harming surrounding flora and fauna. Hazardous waste within the tank can become a serious health issue for all surrounding life if fluid begins to seep into the ground, or into surrounding areas where water is accessed. Regular septic pumps are a part of general homecare maintenance, and are necessary to protect the life around the tank’s location. If you care about the health and safety of you and surrounding life, schedule a bi-annual sump-pump with Speedy Rooter Plumbing today.

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