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There are several reasons why you should take good care of your septic system. In Albemarle, you can rely on us at Speedy Rooter.to take care of your septic tank. But why should you have it serviced regularly?

The Best Time to Take Care of Your Septic Tanks

Septic tanks are often installed underground several feet away from homes, and as a result, can be easily forgotten about when conducting maintenance on pipeline systems. Because of this, it’s important to have maintenance done on the septic tanks on a regular basis, and this involves pumping the tank out every two or three years. The exact timing will depend on how many people are using the sewer system. For instance, a large family using the sewer system in a home should have their septic tanks pumped once per year, while homes with only a couple of inhabitants have more wiggle room. The best time of year to have this done is in the fall, long before winter sets in.

In Albemarle, not only is fall the best season to clean your septic tank, you can benefit greatly by doing so. You will save money by pumping it every two to three years, and you can avoid a costly repair down the road if you don’t have it serviced and the system eventually fails and have to be replaced. Also, when you have your septic tank pumped regularly you protect the health of your family and others who use the system. If you let your septic tank sit without having it pumped, wastewater can eventually leak from a failed tank and contaminate water sources in the area. One more reason to pump your tank regularly is that it will have an impact on the value of your property if you do not service the tank.

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