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Think about all the times you use your drain. When you brush your teeth and wash the dishes or use the toilet. Your drains are perhaps the most used part of your home and yet, I would gamble they barely enter into your thought process. They may be out of sight and out of mind but your drains are most definitely not unbreakable.

But when your drains get clogged, now you have a problem you can’t ignore.

Try brushing your teeth over a blocked sink or showering when the drains are clogged. Or perhaps the most extreme example, imagine the toilet not flushing and instead, flooding; not a pretty picture. I am not trying to alarm you or scare you but understanding what dirty pipes look like is important.

Signs your drains need cleaning

There is no reason to wait for the ultimate disaster to happen. Living with a flooded bathroom or an unusable sink does not have to be in your future. Understanding the signs of a problem and preemptively having your drains cleaned can save headaches, time, and most importantly, money.

Water not draining quickly

A tell-tale sign of drains that need cleaning is the water not running properly. Drains rely on gravity to work and a properly running drain will empty the water quickly. If gravity has a constant force at 9.8 meters per second every second, then your water should be draining about that fast. If the water pools up or drains slowly, your drains need cleaning.

Loud Noises

Gurgling and bubbling noises emanating from your plumbing are not natural occurrences. The sounds you are hearing are water bubbles forming in the bowels of your plumbing. Ordinarily, water should flow evenly down your drains. Blockages will prevent an even flow and create air pockets.

It is these air pockets that make noise, gurgling, bubbling, even groaning and creaking. The blockages can be formed from a myriad of sources, toothpaste balls, hair, food, even human waste.

Remember, every drain, whether it be toilet or sink, flows to the same exit. A backup in one pipe can cause dirty water and putrid gas to boil out of other pipes in the house. Listen carefully to your pipes and understand the drains. Strange noises can mean blockages deep inside your house. Cleaning your drains will prevent more damage from being done.

Drain Cleaning

A backed up drain can cause burst pipes, interior flooding, and property damage. Your safest option is to clean your drains before any detrimental damage occurs. Hiring a professional plumber will protect your pipes and prevent further damage from occurring.

Keep Your Home Drains Clean

Here at Speedy Rooter, we have the tools and experienced plumbers ready to fix any problem you may have. Of course it is recommended to maintain your drains but we have the ability to fix the worst clogs. By using the newest technology, your drains will be cleaned efficiently and affordably. There is no reason to delay, get in touch with one of our experts today!

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