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While it’s convenient to use chemical drain cleaners on your drains, especially since you can pick them up at your local grocery store, there are several reasons why you shouldn’t. Speedy Rooter Plumbing will discuss how chemical drain cleaners damage your drains and why you should turn to a pro for drain cleaning in Harrisonburg, VA

How Chemical Drain Cleaners Work

When you use a chemical drain cleaner on a drain, the cleaner works on the blockage and the reaction creates heat and gas to dissolve the clog. If you have a serious clog, it’s best to call a drain cleaning company for assistance.

Eats Away At Pipes

Even if the chemicals don’t sit in the pipe for a long time, it will melt plastic pipes. Metal pipes aren’t safe, as chemical drain cleaners also cause cracks and weaken the pipes. This damage later causes broken pipes or serious leaks that require the help of a plumber in Harrisonburg, VA.

Damages Septic System

Good bacteria in your septic system breaks down waste. When you introduce chemicals from drain cleaners without calling for drain cleaning services first, you’re introducing something that disrupts that balance. When that happens, your septic tank either fails or requires emergency maintenance.

Health And Safety

The gases and vapors from chemical drain cleaners are dangerous, especially when inhaled. They can also cause chemical burns if you don’t use protective gear. All of these reasons are why you should turn to a professional for expert drain snaking services rather than clearing the clog yourself. 

Don’t damage your drains using chemical cleaners in an attempt to clear a clogged drain. From drain snaking to hydro jetting, we use a variety of safe yet effective methods for clearing clogs in your drains. When in need of expert drain cleaning solutions, contact Speedy Rooter Plumbing today.

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