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If you are the owner of a business and you discover a leak in your company’s location, you may need to close down or protect customers from the leak itself, ultimately resulting in a loss of sales and revenue. Understanding how leaks can affect and impact your business is essential whenever you are in need of professional leak detection services from Speedy Rooter Plumbing.


A leak in your business location can quickly lead to flooding if left unattended. Major flooding not only damaged storefront inventory and office items, but it can also lead to structural damage that costs even more in repairs. Be sure to reach out to a plumber in Staunton, VA, from our team right away when this happens.

Mold Growth

One of the most devastating effects a leak may have on a business is the potential for mold growth if leak detectors are not sought out to help with the repairs. Mold growth can occur with any type of leak, regardless of the size of the leak. As mold begins to grow, you put yourself, your workers, and any customers at risk as black mold has the ability to trigger major respiratory illnesses and life-threatening conditions.

Losing Customers

When you do not tend to a leak in your place of business, you run the risk of losing out on new customers and making sales. If your leak is noticeable, it is essential to seek out slab leak detection, to address and remedy the leak as quickly as possible.

When you are familiar with the importance of leak detection in Staunton, VA, you can seek out the right team to help you with any leak you are experiencing. Assessing and repairing any leak that is happening in your business storefront, warehouse, or office location is essential to minimize the disruption and revenue flow of your company altogether.

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