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If there’s a project involving sewer line repair in Charlottesville, VA, in your near future, you may be worried about how long the process can be expected to take. At Speedy Rooter Plumbing, our experts have extensive experience handling these types of repair projects, and we’re pleased to offer the following facts about the length of time that’s typically involved.

Our Work

The overall time required to perform trenchless sewer pipe line repair is based on the size of the project and many other factors. Our hands-on portion of the work includes inspecting the pipeline prior to repair, finding a suitable access point, and setting the new liner into place. We’re generally able to carry out these tasks in just a day or two if we have ready access to everything that we need.

The Liner Curing Process

Allowing the liner material to cure and harden is one of the most important phases of a sewer line replacement job. Without proper curing, the liner may wrinkle, separate from the pipeline or collapse completely. Even if we facilitate curing with heated air or hot water, it can take up to two full days to fully harden depending on the product used.

Other Factors

One additional thing that should always be taken into consideration when preparing to replace sewer line is the availability of liner materials. These materials must be custom-fit to each pipeline, and this can add considerable time to the overall work. Fortunately, our crew has access to a network of suppliers that we can usually count on to help speed the procurement process along.

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