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Your sewer line is an imperative part of your indoor plumbing system that allows you the convenience of showering, washing clothes, and so much more. One of the most common calls that our plumber in Ruckersville, VA at Speedy Rooter Plumbing receives is for a sewer backup. When this happens, waste from your sewer ends up back inside of your home. We share a few ways to help prevent this from happening:

Flush Only Toilet Paper

Your toilet and the rest of your plumbing system are designed to only handle the flushing of toilet paper and human waste. You should never flush hygiene products, wet wipes, or anything else down your toilet. These items can end up clogging sections of your sewer line and require trenchless sewer repair.

Don’t Use Your Drain as a Garbage

Another common reason for needing sewer line repair in Ruckersville, VA is using one’s drain as a trash can. When it comes to oils, grease, and fat, you may not think twice about washing them down the drain. While they’re in a liquid state when they’re hot, they can cool down quickly. When they do, they’ll harden on the pipes and lead to unwanted blockage.

Avoid Putting Plants Too Close To Sewer Lines

You’ll likely need to replace sewer line if you put your plants or trees too close to existing sewer lines. It doesn’t take long for these plants to spread out their root system. These roots can easily infiltrate your sewer line and cause unwanted seepage and backups.

Install a Backwater Prevention Valve

A fairly newer addition to any sewer pipe line repair is to have a backwater prevention valve installed. This allows your sewage to flow down your piping but prevents it from coming back up. When maintained correctly, this will defend against sewer backups in the future.

Update Aging Sewer Lines

If your sewer lines are reaching the end of their lifespan, it’s time for sewer line replacement. The actual material used for your piping is going to have a specific lifespan. For example, PVC can last for over 100 years, while orangeburg pipes only last around 50 years.

If you’re experiencing a sewage problem, get in touch with Speedy Rooter Plumbing today.

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