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Water heater leaks are among those issues you would never want to leave for the next day. Such a leak issue could be massive and dangerous. Apart from consulting our team here at Speedy Rooter Plumbing for our water leak detection services, you need to know some of the ways to tell when your water heater unit is leaking.

Water Pools at The Tank’s Base or No Water in The Shower or Sinks

The easiest way to tell when your water heater is leaking is to check its base. If the water heater has a leak problem, you’ll discover a pool of water at the bottom of the tank.

As more water gets lost through leakage, little or no water will reach your shower or sinks. Therefore, in the event of a water leak, your shower and sinks may run dry. Our underground leak detection technicians can examine your water tank base and fix any leak to boost water flow to the shower and sinks.

Water Drops

Water drops on your heater’s temperature and pressure relief valve may as well indicate a leakage. Leakages in the T & P valves are a sign of a more serious problem. It could be that the valve needs to be tightened properly, the water pressure is higher than average or the valve is faulty. Work with our experienced leak detection specialist to diagnose the cause of leakage. We have the tools and skills to tighten up loose valves and replace faulty ones.

The Water Heater Feels Too Damp or Cold to Touch

Your water heater has insulation against condensation and sweating. Therefore, it shouldn’t get wet or humid outside. If it does, that means your water heater is leaking. You should consider hiring our professionals for leak detection in Staunton, VA, to help you seal the leaks.

Water heater leaks can turn catastrophic if not solved early enough. For prompt and professional water leak detection and other services, reach out to our qualified and certified specialists at Speedy Rooter Plumbing. Call us or fill out the online form to schedule an appointment.

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