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Problems with your toilet should always be repaired right away, especially if your home only has one. Clogging is by far one of the most common issues we have encountered in residential homes. Speedy Rooter Plumbing, leading plumber in Harrisonburg, VA, discusses some of the main reasons why your toilet gets clogged below:

It’s an Older, Low-Flow Model

Many toilets made since the mid-1990s are the first generation of low-flow models. These were created to save water, but the oldest models don’t have the right level of water pressure to clear the internal trap and drain. As a result, these toilets can easily become clogged. If you have one of these older, low-flow models, you may need more frequent plumbing services.

The Trap is Blocked

When you flush your toilet, the water, waste and toilet paper go through the toilet’s trap. This is the curved area of the pipe. However, if too much gets flushed, such as too much toilet paper, it can lead to a clog and the need for plumbing repairs. It can also happen if a lot of stool gets flushed.

Non-Flushable Items Were Flushed

You can have a big problem and need emergency plumbing services if you flush items that are non-flushable. Your toilet is designed to only handle toilet paper and human waste being flushed. That goes even for items that claim to be flushable such as cat litter, moistened wipes and even facial tissue. To avoid having a clogged toilet, the wisest thing you can do is to throw away these and other items instead of flushing them.

Your Sewer Line Has a Problem

Another reason why your toilet might be clogged is that your sewer line has a problem. A wide range of things can be causing the issue, including tree roots infiltrating the line or grease being poured down your kitchen sink’s drain. In order to properly address the issue, you need a professional to check out your sewer line and make the right repairs.

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