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Homeowners encounter plumbing problems on a daily basis. From a simple clogged toilet to a serious burst pipe, it’s important to know how to respond to different plumbing issues. Speedy Rooter Plumbing, the leading plumber in Charlottesville, VA, has years of experience in dealing with various plumbing problems and we can help educate homeowners on the basics of maintaining their plumbing. Here are some important tips: 

Know Where the Main Shutoff Valve Is

You have to know where your main valve is to stay safe in case of an emergency. If a pipe has burst in your home, you can prevent devastating water damages by shutting off the main water supply before calling a plumbing company. When you locate where it is, it will be simple to reach it in a plumbing nightmare.

Learn How to Temporarily Stop Overflowing Toilets

Overflowing and clogged toilets are among the most common plumbing issues. First, you should be careful with what you flush to avoid clogged toilets. In case you experience a running toilet, remove the lid to see whether everything is connected well. Sometimes jiggling the handle might solve the problem. If that doesn’t work, contact your local plumbing company for professional plumbing repairs.

Protect Pipes from the Cold

Frozen pipes can burst and lead to an emergency plumbing situation, so it’s important to prevent them from happening in the first place. You can do this by having your pipes insulated or by keeping a faucet running inside your home. 

Know When You Need Replacements

Water heaters, faucets, garbage disposals and many other plumbing fixtures will wear out over time. Ensure you have regular inspections to determine what needs repair and what needs replacement. A reliable plumber will help you expose issues in the system and address them.

As much as it’s essential to know basic plumbing problem solutions, you also need to understand what you can and can’t handle. When in need of professional plumbing services, feel free to contact Speedy Rooter Plumbing. We can provide you with efficient and long-lasting plumbing solutions.

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