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Albemarle, Virginia Sewer Pumps

While sewer pipes are designed to pull water downhill into the municipal sewer line or a septic tank through the natural pull of gravity, there are cases when this may not be possible. If a plumbing fixture is installed below the grade of the main sewer or septic line, the gravitational pull can’t move the waste on its own. To account for these scenarios, sewer pumps are extremely important and at Speedy Rooter, we are proud to offer this tool to the residents of Albemarle.
Sewer pumps, also called sewage ejector pumps, are most commonly found in homes with bathrooms or laundry rooms located in the basement. Not all houses with basements have these pumps, but the sewage pump can move both liquid and solid sewage waste uphill between a sewage basin and a sewer system or a septic tank. When sewage ejector pumps fail, they can cause major property damage, and if your sewer pump needs quick repairs, call our team at Speedy Rooter today for quick, professional services that will get the job done right.
The typical sewage pump involves a single pump and a floating switch. Many models have a sensor that sounds an alarm when there is a problem. Some models have a built-in grinder; instead of pushing the waste up through the pipes, the system breaks up the waste like a garbage disposer, making it easier for the smaller pieces to travel through the sewer system and reducing the likelihood of clogs. Many sewage pumps are installed with a tank that holds a certain amount of sewage, and as the sewage level rises, the floating switch rises with it, signalling the pump to turn on. Once the pump is activated, the sewage moves up from the tank and into the pipes pipes, where it gets channeled away from your home. When the tank is empty, the float goes back down to the bottom of the tank, deactivating the pump.
Our team at Speedy Rooter recommends avoiding flushing anything other than toilet paper and human waste down the toilet following the installation of the sewer pump in order to maintain its optimal quality. Your sewer pump may need repair if the pump or its switch have broken. Signs of a fault in your sewer pump include sewage odors, flooding, uncommon noises, and improper cycling. If you are experiencing a problem with your ejector pump, or with any other part of your home’s septic or plumbing system, contact Speedy Rooter immediately. Septic problems are not only a source of concern for customers, but can also pose major health hazards if left unresolved. Our team of experienced, highly trained technicians will provide high-quality repairs at an affordable cost.

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