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Waynesboro VA Sewer Pipe Repair

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Sewer Pipe Repair in Waynesboro, Virginia

Having the sewer line in your home or business replaced can be an expensive job. But did you know that modern plumbing technologies are now available that can fix many common issues that affect sewer pipes and get them working again without having to be replaced?

Warning signs of sewer pipe damage

Sewer pipe replacement usually has to be done once the pipes are damaged beyond repair. This is why you should be alert to any warning signs, which could mean that there is a problem with the sewer line. Taking quick action and having these problems dealt with as soon as they are noticeable will increase the chance of a successful repair.

The most obvious sign that there is damage to the sewer pipes is a persistent bad smell. If there is sewage leaking from a cracked pipe or from a loose pipe joint, a foul odor will soon be present. These leaks can also cause sinkholes in the yard since the ground will become saturated with wastewater.

Frequent clogs in the drains will also be a sign that something is wrong inside the sewer line. Everybody has to deal with a clog sooner or later, and we get many calls from homeowners in Waynesboro asking us to clear these obstructions. But if blockages seem to be happening frequently, there could be a hole in the sewer pipe that is allowing soil and debris to enter them, and this must be corrected.

Clogs can also be caused by tree roots that have entered the sewer line and are slowing down the water flow. Even if they are removed, if the sewer pipe is not sealed they will penetrate it again and cause another clog.

How we repair this damage

At Speedy Rooter we have over two decades of experience in the pipe repair business. When you call us to provide a sewer pipe repair in Waynesboro, Virginia, we will first inspect the whole sewer line to deliver an accurate diagnostic of its condition and the repairs that need to be done.

We use a sewer video camera that is sent into the pipes to locate the exact location of any problematic areas. This sewer camera shows us any cracks, holes, and pipe joints that are leaking. We can also see if there is root intrusion inside the line or built up debris that could be causing a clog.

After we have inspected the line, we will proceed to repair it. There are several tools in our arsenal and we can tackle any issue. Clogs and root obstructions can be removed with specialized nozzles that blast them with high-pressure water streams that flush them away. Cracks and holes are covered by inserting a liner into the pipe. This liner is coated with a resin that hardens and turns into a solid piece of tube that acts as a pipe within the pipe and seals off any leaks.

Quality service is our trademark, and our dedicated pipe repair staff is ready to explain to you the best option for repairing and rehabilitating your sewer in the most timely and efficient manner possible.

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