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Aside from the changes in the weather, homeowners also have to be aware of the different plumbing problems that are common during fall. Speedy Rooter Plumbing, the top plumber in Crozet, VA, discusses some of the issues you might encounter with your sewer system during the season.

Leaves and Dead Foliage

The colorful falling leaves during fall are often appealing to the eye, but can be a nightmare for your sewer system. Leaves and foliage can block drains and cause clogs in your system, so it’s important to keep an eye out for buildup in places that might block up your sewer system. If you are noticing clogged drain issues, be sure to ask us about sewer line repair in Crozet, VA.

Critter Invasion

As the weather turns cold, animals will often go to your plumbing system seeking shelter. Keep an eye out for signs that animals are using your sewer pipes as a means to keep away from the chill. Notice an animal infestation in your plumbing system? Get in touch with our local plumbing company to replace sewer line as soon as possible.

Freezing and Bursting Pipes

Keep an eye out for when the ground and grass turns spongy or starts to smell bad. That can be a sign that a pipe has burst and needs attention. If it does come to sewer line replacement, you have a couple of options. One option is the excavation and replacement of the old system. This is an intensive process that will involve digging and higher costs. 

Another option is trenchless sewer repair. This is where we are able to put in new pipe lining without excavating. This process is far less intensive and comes with fewer costs. We happen to be experts in trenchless sewer repair.

Knowing the different problems you should be aware of during fall can help you prevent them from happening in the first place. With proper maintenance and prompt sewer pipe line repair, you can avoid costly and extensive sewer issues. When in need of reliable plumbing solutions, look no further than Speedy Rooter Plumbing. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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