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Leaks can be obvious or insidiously sneaky. Some are easy to spot while others spring up around landscaping irrigation systems, in basements, under concrete slabs, and behind walls. That’s why leak detection services are essential.

As plumbing experts, Speedy Rooter is your best bet for leak detection in Harrisonburg, VA. Among the most common problems we address regularly are sewer and waste pipe leaks, water heater and boiler leakage, concealed pipe leaks, and underground plumbing leaks. Wherever it is, we can find that leak and repair the problem fast to get you back to enjoying your home.

Signs of Leaks

Leaks give little hints that they are lurking somewhere in your pipeline. Rely on a plumber in Harrisonburg, VA, from our team when you notice any indication. These can include:

  • Low water pressure and slow flow
  • A jump in the water bill
  • The formation of mildew and mold on walls and inside cabinets
  • Sagging or stained ceilings, walls, and floors

Inspections and Detection

If you suspect a leak, a leak detection specialist like those at Speedy Rooter can use several methods to locate the problem. The best method for you depends on the specific circumstances surrounding the leak. Our plumbers are adept at all professional methods for water leak detection such as:

  • Infrared video cameras can be used to find sewer and in-line drain leaks by pinpointing obstructions, deteriorated pipes, and breaks.
  • Underground leak detection can be done with a hydrostatic pressure test that involves blocking the pipe, filling it with water, and waiting to see if there’s a leak.
  • Slab leak detection involves a camera assisted pipe inspection, static pressure testing, and line tracing equipment that work together to determine if an unusual amount of water is escaping from beneath your slab.
  • Electronic listening devices that allow us to hear leaks far into your home’s water lines.
  • Static leak isolation combines video cameras and hydrostatic pressure testing to find the exact location of a leak.

Water damage from leaks is expensive and can destroy precious keepsakes. Contact Speedy Rooter for all your plumbing needs.

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