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Water leaks are some of the most inconvenient things that can happen to a home. These leaks, often hidden, cause tons of water and property damage, eating into a homeowner’s savings. At Speedy Rooter Plumbing, we specialize in all things sewer-related, including underground leak detection. We know that you want the leak found and taken care of fast. The first step? Identifying where the leak came from.

Here are four of the most common culprits behind water leaks in the home.

Water Supply Line

Our leak detection services can help find this common and often expensive leak. The water supply line is often buried quite deep beneath the ground, making the leak often hidden.

Water Softener

There are many places your water softener may leak, from the water supply line to the valves. Some are a fix as simple as tightening parts while others warrant a call to a plumber and a unit replacement.

Faucets and Showerheads

We’ve all dealt with a dripping faucet from time to time. These leaks are common but often simple to repair. Water leak detection here is quite obvious, but not always. Even bathtub drains can leak, causing water to pool in the space beneath, leading to mold and mildew.


leak detection specialist probably isn’t needed here either. Toilets use a significant chunk of the water in a home, and a leak here can quickly add up in terms of financial stress. You can easily place some food dye into the tank and wait a few minutes to see if it leaks into the bowl. If it does, there’s something amiss.

Found or suspect a leak in your home? Rely on the experts at Speedy Rooter Plumbing. We’re the best around when it comes to leak detection in Harrisonburg, VA. We leave no stone unturned and will get that leak taken care of.

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