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Sewer repair used to be a messy task that involved a lot of digging and labor, however, trenchless technology has revolutionized sewer repair services. It is an environmentally friendly method that is minimally invasive and much more efficient. Speedy RooterPlumbing is a trusted plumber in Charlottesville, VA, that provides plumbing service, including trenchless solutions. Here are reasons why trenchless sewer repair is eco-friendly.


Trenches technology is minimally invasive, meaning there is no digging involved. Traditional  sewer line repair in Charlottesville, VA involved a lot of digging. This, in turn, exposes harmful toxins to the surface. Harmful substances may get in the air, making it unhealthy to breathe.

Gas, water, and sewage networks are usually located underground in your yard. Conventional sewer pipe line repair methods that require excavation may disrupt these lines and risk contaminating the environment. Trenchless technology uses cameras to identify any problems and repair them without damaging the environment.


Trenchless sewer repair is eco-friendly since it recycles and reuses old pipes. Unlike traditional methods where old pipes are removed and disposed of, the trenchless process uses recycled pipes for repairs. The repairs are performed inside the pipes without the need to excavate. Trenchless repairs use an epoxy resin liner to fix the existing pipeline, making the pipes more durable.

Less Waste

When your backyard is excavated for sewer line replacement, a lot of waste is left in the environment. Even when the land is restored, the marks remain visible. Digging up the land may lead to the destruction of trees and bushes. You will have to incur the costs of restoring your land and living away from home. With trenchless technology, repairs are done without producing waste or destroying the land.

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