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Sewer pipes are designed to last for several decades, but not forever. If your reason for seeking a plumber in Staunton, VA from Speedy Rooter Plumbing is sewer repair, we’re ready to give you one less thing to worry about. Take a moment to learn just what you can expect during the sewer repair process.

A Non-Intrusive Inspection

Before any decisions are made about sewer line repair in Staunton, VA, the first thing to expect is an inspection. Our trained technicians use a high-resolution camera to look inside the affected pipe in a non-intrusive way. The real-time images produced to allow all problems to be clearly identified and documented so the right approach to repair can be recommended.

Trenchless Repair Options

When possible, minimally disruptive repair options that include cured-in-place pipe or CIPP pipe lining are often recommended. With trenchless sewer repair, you can expect the affected pipe to be cleaned after it’s inspected. We’ll then insert an epoxy-coated liner into the sewer line. After the epoxy has cured, the liner is removed, leaving behind a like-new pipe free of flaws.

Long-Term Results

With any type of sewer pipe line repair, you can expect long-term results from Speedy Rooter Plumbing. We’ll recommend and use techniques that provide lasting results and not just a short-term fix. You’ll be rewarded with a sewer line that’s ready to do what it’s supposed to do without leaking, clogging, or slowing down.

We’re Ready When Your Pipes Need Repaired

At Speedy Rooter Plumbing, our name says it all. You can count on our team for efficient and effective plumbing solutions. With sewer line replacement and repairs, we use minimally disruptive methods whenever possible to make budget-friendly repairs quickly and efficiently.

Contact us today to find out if it’s time to replace sewer line pipes, or if trenchless repair is possible.

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