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Contacting a plumber in Harrisonburg, VA from Speedy Rooter Plumbing about a pipe problem doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have a big mess to deal with. In fact, a trenchless option we provide known as pipe bursting is a great, minimally disruptive solution thanks to the perks we go over below.

Minimal Surface Disruption

Needing to replace sewer line doesn’t automatically mean full excavation. With pipe bursting, the affected line is broken up and replaced within the same space. Because of how this process is completed, there’s very little surface disruption when it’s done.

Impressive Savings Potential

This type of sewer line repair in Harrisonburg, VA has an abundance of savings potential. For starters, pipe bursting is done with fewer workers, so there’s less labor involved. Also, there’s no need for heavy excavation machinery, which further cuts down on costs. Lastly, you won’t have a big landscape bill to deal with once the pipe has been replaced trenchless.

Higher Productivity

Because of the way this approach to sewer line replacement is done, a lot more time can be spent replacing the actual pipe instead of digging and clearing away dirt and debris. This boost in productivity means even the replacement of a larger or longer pipeline won’t be all that time-consuming.

Improved Flow Capacity

The pipe that’s inserted as the existing one is broken up can be the same size. However, it’s also possible to install a replacement pipe this way that’s a bit bigger in diameter if a greater flow capacity is desired.

Added Safety

Since this type of trenchless sewer repair is done within a very limited area, it’s much easier to avoid unintentional damage to nearby structures. Plus, there’s no risk of digging up potentially harmful underground materials that could present health risks.

Pipe bursting is just one of the options we offer with sewer pipe line repair. When you contact Speedy Rooter Plumbing, we’ll inspect your sewer pipes and take you through the process of determining what solution is suitable for your needs. Get in touch with us today to discover the many possibilities with trenchless sewer repair and replacement.

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